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To leaders of the new era, yet unknown to us


I have a feeling that we are now standing at the gateway to a brand new era, which is completely different from the current society that is familiar to us. At present, we see various challenges in Japan, including an aging population and a declining birthrate. In addition, we see global environmental challenges, which impose a question on economic activities that consume global resources at a speed exceeding the capacity of our planet to recover.

Meanwhile, we see the emergence of new technologies which we have never even imagined before. To name a few examples, we have seen the development of Internet, Sensor & Digital Technology (ISDT), gene engineering & genome editing technologies, semiconductors, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and technologies to create new materials that have never existed. Wise use of these technologies would enable us to effectively address challenges caused by Forces at Work (FAW), which will inevitably change the world. On the other hand, however, unwise use of these technologies could lead to economic loss. We know well that the new technologies could be either beneficial or meaningless. In this context, we desperately need to review our modern view of nature and technology, as well as belief in evolution, and develop a knowledge of business and management that will help us resolve the challenges that face us today.

At HBMS, we are seeking to build a new form of business and management systems that can respond to the advent of the new age. Integrating divided disciplines and promoting multi-disciplinary collaboration, we seek to offer multi-faced programs to foster human resources who will help create new global commons, in addition to the conventional local commons that have provided residents with the basis for their livelihood.



Yoshinori Yokoyama

Social Systems Architect
[Career History & Academic Background]
Masters Architecture in Urban Design, Harvard University Graduate School
Masters Architecture in Urban Design, Harvard University Graduate School
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management
Head of the firm's Tokyo office, McKinsey & Company