【同時通訳付き・オンライン参加可】(3/26) HBMSアジア大学連携講座 「コロナ禍における東南アジア各国の中小企業支援」 [HBMS event with simultaneous interpretation, English and Japanese] “Supports for SMEs by National and Local Governments in Southeast Asian Countries; Looking back COVID-19 Pandemic”


HBMS(Hiroshima Business and Management School)は海外協定校を招いて開催する講座「HBMSアジア大学連携講座」を開催し、「Global SMEs in Southeast Asia」(東南アジアにおけるSMEs※)の先端事例について議論を重ねていきます。





(※SMEs: Small and Medium-sized Enterprisesの略で中小ビジネスを指す。)






Event Overview:

HBMS (Hiroshima Business and Management School) will host a global collaborative event entitled “Global SMEs (*) in Southeast Asia” to discuss the latest business cases by inviting 3 speakers from universities and institutions in Southeast Asia.

The first session held in March 17th, 2022, aligning among Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan, we had lectures and a discussion with a focuse on “Green Tech”. (Please refer to our previous post to learn more about the first sesson.)

In the second session, scheduled for March 26th, 2023, we would focus on “Supports for SMEs by National and Local Governments in Southeast Asian Countries looking back COVID-19 Pandemic”
In 2020, all economic activity has ceased due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. The governments of each country sought a balance between infectious disease control and economic activities. In Japan, for example, national and local governments provided substantial financial assistance to SMEs. This time, we will discuss Supports for SMEs by National and Local Governments in Southeast Asian Countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and explore a possible future direction of SMEs through a comparison of each country, followed by a panel discussion.
Today, SMEs face many challenges, including not only coronavirus infectious diseases, but also financial risks from global warming and military conflicts, as well as highly uncertain risks such as resource shortages and rising logistics costs.
Through lecture and panel discussion, we will discuss “how to live strongly and wisely in VUCA” in the context of SMEs.


This event would be conducted face-to-face at the Hiroshima campus of Prefectural University of Hiroshima, but would also live-stream on Zoom.
The lectures would primarily be given in English, with simultaneous interpretation in English and Japanese.


(* SMEs: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)


県立広島大学 広島キャンパス 2143講義室


県立広島大学 広島キャンパスへのアクセスはこちら


Lecture Hall 2143 at Hiroshima campus of Prefectural University of Hiroshima

Zip 734-8558
1-Chome, Ujinahigashi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, 1st number 71

About the access of Hiroshima campus of PUH

(PUH:Prefectural University of Hiroshima)

Google Map

対象者(Expected participants)

・Anyone who is interested in the topic, global business and international development, studying in business schools

内容(Contents) ・講演タイトル (Lecture Title)


  Date & time: 14:00~16:40(Japan time), March 26th, Sunday



   Face-to-Face / Live-streaming on Zoom


〔ご挨拶〕県立広島大学大学院経営管理研究科 江戸 克栄 専攻長/教授

 [Opening Remarks] Prof. Katsue Edo, Head of Department/ Professor, HBMS


〔司会〕県立広島大学大学院経営管理研究科 吉川 成美 教授

 [MC] Dr. Narumi Yoshikawa, Professor, HBMS


【パートI】 特別講義 

[Part-I Special lectures]


・Special lectures from 5 speakers, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan as described in above each speaker’s lecture overviews.

講師:礒貝 日月(HBMS講師)

講演②:「「おしぼり」から新規アグリビジネス “FROM EATS®”へ」
講師:田畑 裕生(株式会社広島県リースタオル 代表取締役/HBMS修了生)

講演③:「SMEsへの新型コロナウイルスの影響と経済刺激策: マレーシアの事例」
講師:ヌール・シャナーズ (マラヤ大学 ビジネス・経済学部 ファイナンス学科長)

講師:ホー・チー・ズン (デオカグループ会長補佐)

講演⑤:「Pao Tang アプリ -コロナ禍でタイ政府がどう国民に財政支援を行ったか-」
講師:ポンタナラート・クリティニー(ケット) (チュラロンコン大学 チュラロンコンビジネススクール 准教授)


Lecture – I “How to Survive in VUCA -Introduction of Financial Supports for SMEs in Japan; Looking back to Covid-19 pandemic”
Speaker: Mr. Hizuki Isogai, Lecturer at Prefectural University of Hiroshima Graduate School of Business Administration (HBMS)

Lecture – II “OSHIBORI” to new Agribusiness “FROM EATS®”
Speaker: Hiroo Tabata, CEO of KENLEASE Co., Ltd. / Alumnus of HBMS

Lecture – III “Impact of Covid-19 on SMEs and Economic Stimulus Plans: Case of Malaysia”
Speaker: Dr. Nurul Shahnaz Ahmad Mahdzan, Head of the Department of Finance, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Malaya

Lecture – IV “Vietnamese government and enterprises overcome obstacles caused by the Covid-19 pandemic”
Speaker: Dr. Ho Chi Dzung, Assistant to Chairman of DeoCa Group Joint Stock Company

Lecture – V “Pao Tang App-How Thai government provided financial aid to Thai people during COVID-19”
Speaker: Dr. Kritinee Pongtanalert (Kate), Assistant professor at Chulalongkorn Business School


【パートII】 パネルディスカッション・Q&Aセッション

[Part-II Panel discussion and Q&A session]


・ Panel discussion based on Part-I’s five lectures. Q&A session with audiences would be followed before closing.


〔パネルディスカッションモデレーター〕県立広島大学大学院経営管理研究科 毛利 信作 教授

 [Moderator] Mr. Shinsaku Mori, Professor, HBMS


マラヤ大学 ビジネス・経済学部 ファイナンス学科長 ヌール・シャナーズ氏

デオカグループ会長補佐 ホー・チー・ズン氏

チュラロンコン大学 チュラロンコンビジネススクール 准教授 ポンタナラート・クリティニー(ケット)氏

県立広島大学大学院経営管理研究科 礒貝 日月 講師

株式会社広島県リースタオル 代表取締役/HBMS修了生 田畑 裕生


Dr. Nurul Shahnaz Ahmad Mahdzan, Head of the Department of Finance, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Malaya

Dr. Ho Chi Dzung, Assistant to Chairman of DeoCa Group Joint Stock Company

Dr. Kritinee Pongtanalert (Kate), Assistant professor at Chulalongkorn Business School

Mr. Hizuki Isogai, Lecturer at Prefectural University of Hiroshima Graduate School of Business Administration (HBMS)

Mr. Hiroo Tabata, CEO of KENLEASE Co., Ltd. / Alumnus of HBMS



(* Please kindly be noted that the program contents, order of the lectures, participants, and panelists might be changed without any pre-notice.)


スピーカー(略歴 Speaker (Biography)

●マラヤ大学 ビジネス・経済学部 ファイナンス学科長 ヌール・シャナーズ氏
Dr. Nurul Shahnaz Ahmad Mahdzan, Head of the Department of Finance, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Malaya


Associate Professor Dr. Nurul Shahnaz Ahmad Mahdzan is currently the Head of the Department of Finance, Faculty of Business & Economics, University of Malaya. She obtained her PhD from the Nottingham University Business School, United Kingdom, in 2010. She received her Masters of Business Administration (with Distinction) from the University of Malaya, and her Bachelor’s in Business Administration (Summa Cum Laude) from Ohio University, USA. Her research interests are consumer finance, behavioural finance, economic psychology and financial services. Her recent research projects involve how Malaysians were impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and how the coped to deal with their financial stress. She is also currently researching how individuals use financial technology and how this affects their financial well-being. She has also appeared in several national electronic and print media where her views on economic and financial issues have been sought. She has been actively involved as panel reviewer for the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) research grants from 2020-2022. Prior to her career in academia, she worked in the banking and insurance industry for ten years, where she mainly dealt with customers and their personal finances.

●デオカグループ会長補佐 ホー・チー・ズン氏
Dr. Ho Chi Dzung, Assistant to Chairman of DeoCa Group Joint Stock Company


With a background as a lecturer and researcher for more than 20 years at the university, and in the last 5 years I have been working full-time at the enterprises. This gives me the opportunity to gain first-hand perception and perspective from enterprises in overcoming obstacles caused by the Covid pandemic to enterprises in Vietnam.

●チュラロンコン大学 チュラロンコンビジネススクール 准教授 ポンタナラート・クリティニー(ケット)氏
Dr. Kritinee Pongtanalert (Kate), Assistant professor at Chulalongkorn Business School


She earned a Ph.D in marketing from Kobe University, Japan. Her research interest is business philosophy and long-living companies. Kritinee is an author of ten books related with Japan such as "Sugoi Marketing" and "Rinen ...lesson from century-old Japanese companies"

●県立広島大学大学院経営管理研究科(HBMS) 講師 礒貝日月氏
Mr. Hizuki Isogai, Lecturer at Prefectural University of Hiroshima Graduate School of Business Administration (HBMS)


After working as a president director of an academic publishing company, he has been in his current position since April 2021. He has worked as a producer of the book "Asahi Eco Books" on environmental issues, which is a collaborative project with Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.
His research interest is the management of SMEs and small businesses with anthropological intelligence. In addition, based on his experience in fieldwork in the Arctic Canada, he has been involved in educational activities such as lectures and fieldwork design and guidance at universities.

●株式会社広島県リースタオル 代表取締役 田畑裕生(HBMS修了生)氏
Hiroo Tabata, CEO of KENLEASE Co., Ltd.

大学卒業後、国内大手乳業メーカーに入社しフィールドワークを主体に酪農家へ乳質向上、経営改善指導に従事。2003年に義父の経営する㈱広島県リースタオルに入社。働き方改革の推進や新規事業開発に従事し業績を伸ばす。海外展開も積極的に手掛け人脈を駆使し、ベトナムでタオル製造工場を立ち上げ輸入をはじめる。2016年に一層の品質向上と効率化を目的に新工場を建設。2020年県立広島大学大学院経営管理研究科(HBMS)にてMBA取得。現在、大学院での新規事業構想をもとに地域活性化を目指し「FROM EATS®」を展開中。広島県農林水産局とHBMSの共同講座である、「ひろしまファーマーズテーブル」のプログラムマネジメントも担う。

After graduating from university, He joined a major domestic dairy company and worked mainly in fieldwork, focusing on improving milk quality and providing guidance on management improvement to dairy farmers. In 2003, He joined KENLEASE Co., Ltd., which was run by my father-in-law. He worked on promoting work-style reforms and developing new businesses to expand the company's performance. He actively pursued overseas expansion, utilizing his network, and established a towel manufacturing factory in Vietnam to start importing products. In 2016, He constructed a new factory with the aim of further improving quality and efficiency. In 2020, He obtained an MBA from the Graduate School of Prefectural University of Hiroshima Management and Business Administration(HBMS). Currently, based on a new business plan at the graduate school, He is expanding "FROM EATS®" to revitalize the region. He is also responsible for program management for "HIROSHIMA FARMER'S TABLE" a joint course between the Hiroshima Prefectural Agricultural, Forestry and Fisheries Office and HBMS.

定員(The audience to be admitted)

対面 30名(face-to-face: 30 people )
Zoom 100名 (Zoom: 100 people)

参加費(Participation fee)

無料(Free of Charge)

申込方法(How to apply)


- How to apply: please fill out application form from below link (for English form, enter from 2nd link button) by March 24th. HBMS will send Zoom registration information by morning time of the event day, to the registered email address.

Application form (English form here)

プログラムコーディネーターご紹介 (Introduction of Program Coordinators)


●江戸 克栄 (県立広島大学大学院経営管理研究科(HBMS) 専攻長/教授)
東京生まれ。慶應義塾大学大学院商学研究科商学専攻後期博士課程単位取得後退学の後、文化学園大学教授などを経て、2016年県立広島大学へ着任し、HBMS専攻長に。専門分野「マーケティング、マーケティングリサーチ、消費者行動」の司式と実績を活かし、地域ブランディングなど地域活性化のための研究に取り組む。2018年マーケティングの手法を応用して実践的な防災システムを開発する「防災社会システム・デザイン プロジェクト研究センター」を設立。その他、この十年来は画像をリサーチに活かす「ピクチャマイニング」の研究にも従事する。

●Katsue Edo, Head of Department/Professor, HBMS, Prefectural University of Hiroshima
Born in Tokyo, EDO "Cats" Katsue completed a Doctoral Program in the Commerce Program, Graduate School of Business and Commerce, Keio University, to take up a professorship at Bunka Gakuen University. In 2016, he took a position at the Prefectural University of Hiroshima to become the Head of Department, Hiroshima Business and Management School(HBMS), where he has tapped into his expertise in marketing and marketing research to study strategies to revitalize local economies. In 2018, Edo applied marketing approaches to advocate "disaster management marketing" for developing a disaster management system. Another research topic he has worked on over the last decade is picture mining, an attempt to utilize images for research.


●吉川 成美 (県立広島大学大学院経営管理研究科(HBMS) 教授)
早稲田大学大学院アジア太平洋研究科国際関係学「環境と持続可能な発展論」専攻(国際関係学修士)、東京農業大学大学院農学研究科博士後期課程終了(農業経済学博士)。アジア地域における環境保全型農業と農家支援プロジェクトに参加、起業する。環境保全や自然との共生について、対話、フィールドワーク、議論を通じ価値観の相違について学ぶためにアジア諸国から集まった大学生が参加するアジア環境学生フォーラムやSDGsハッカソンなどの環境教育プログラムを推進。2019年から、広島県と「農と食のマネジメント講座 ひろしまファーマーズテーブル」を推進し、農業経営の変革を追求。

●Yoshikawa Narumi, Professor, HBMS, Prefectural University of Hiroshima
Master of International Relations, Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, Waseda University,
Doctor of Agricultural Economics, Graduate School of Agricultural Economics, Tokyo University of Agriculture. Participated in and started a business in an environmental conservation agriculture and farmer support project in the Asian region. She has promoted environmental education programs such as the Asian Environmental Student Forum and the SDGs Hackathon, where university students from Asian countries gather to learn about differences in values through dialogue and fieldwork, discuss environmental conservation and coexistence with nature. Since 2019, she has been in charge of "Agriculture and Food Management Course Hiroshima Farmers Table" with Hiroshima Prefecture, and is pursuing reform of agricultural management.

パネルディスカッションモデレーター(Panel Discussion Moderator)

毛利 信作(県立広島大学大学院経営管理研究科 教授)

三菱商事株式会社農産部入社後、米国SESMARK FOODS,INC.社長、同社穀物部穀物製品ユニット統括マネージャー、米国TH FOODS,INK.社長、同社関西支社食料部長、三菱食品㈱取締役常務執行役員関西支社長。タイ、ベトナムにて複数の食品会社を立ち上げる。その他グローバルビジネス分野での業績多数。

Shinsaku Mori, Professor, HBMS, Prefectural University of Hiroshima

He has established multiple food companies in Thailand, Vietnam, China and Australia.
His career history & academic background are below
・Mitsubishi Corp. Produce Dept.
・Board of Directors, President & CEO, Seamark Foods, Inc. USA
・Board of directors, President & CEO, TH Foods, Inc, USA
・General Manager, Produce Dept. Mitsubishi Corp.
・General Manager, Foods Dept., West Region, Mitsubishi Corp.
・Board of Directors, Managing Executive Officer of Liquor Division, Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
・Board of Directors, Managing Executive Officers of West Region, Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co.,Ltd.


県立広島大学 HBMSマネジメント課
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E-mail :
HBMS Management Division, Prefectural University of Hiroshima
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